Route Automation System – PDA/Mobile integrated
Eliminate Manual Routing Operations and Delayed Deliveries

Solver Mobile Application for Route Sales is a quick and easy way to view and manage routes, customers, products, orders, invoices and daily reports. The system enables a salesman to efficiently serve the customer by delivering, accepting orders, issuing invoices, and collecting payments without fail and without human errors. The solver also gives your sales team information about the product, the pricing and promotions, all at their fingertips by combining handheld terminals, mobile printers and a very easy-to-use application. Solver Mobile Application will allow the field sales personnel to keep a track of the sales order, sales invoices, delivery orders, sales returns, item enquiry, bill payments, collection reports and customer information. 

Core Modules of Solver Route Automation
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Invoice
  • Item Enquiry
  • Collection Report
  • Delivery Order
  • Sales Return
  • Bill Payment
  • Customer Information
  • Barcode scanning for items and customer identification and search
  • In-field receipt printing
  • Backend integration with ERP systems
  • Highly configurable and customizable
  • Graphical user interface designed for easy use by typical mobile personnel
  • Route Sales, invoicing, collections, returns and order taking
  • Live Fleet monitoring
  • Inventory visibility and tracking
  • Credit balance, credit limits, dues
  • On-Premise or in the cloud
  • Automatic Data Synchronization
  • Remote access the stock
  • Mobile friendly sales invoicing
  • Automatic pricelist generation
  • Enhanced reports & dashboard
  • Convenient item deliveries
  • Quick sales return bookings
  • Payment collection by Sales team
  • Validate outstanding balances of customers
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