LAB Information System
Fully Automated LIS with Bi-Directional Lab Device Integration

Solver Lab Information System (LIS) is an independent diagnostic centers as well as for  the laboratory with clinic/hospital. It automates and effectively manages the clinical order life cycle including appointment management, patient registration, billing, specimen collection, specimen processing, lab equipment interfacing, inventory management, report generation, and integration with HIS/EMR. The system enables an integrated diagnostic report generation with the flexibility to manage the various pathology laboratory departments. Lab equipment interfacing with HMS automates the process to avoid human errors.

Automate, streamline, and enhance your lab workflow.
  • 01
    Fully Integrated System

    LIS is totally integrated with HMS, EMR Systems, and other 3rd party systems to achieve seamless operation.

  • 02
    Configurable Approval Heirarchy

    To avoid human errors and achieve accurate result publishing.

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    Online Result Publishing

    Lab results can be published to the patient via SMS, Whatsapp, email or other mobile applications.

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    Lab Device Integration

    Automated entire workflow to eliminate human errors.

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    Convenient Working Style

    Centralized multi-hospital work list that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Modules & Functionalities

Solver LIS Improve efficiency and automation and reduce errors with enhanced interoperability with your other Hospital system.

Systems Enable Quicker Result Delivery with timely Patient & Physician Notification.

Sample Collection
  • At the time of lab sample collection, the system will generate a unique sample id along with a barcode. This can be printed and stuck on the test tube where the sample is kept.
Sample Identification
  • The lab technician can scan this barcode using a barcode scanner and the system will show the patient details and the investigations that need to be done. This can be for a single test or multiple tests.
Test Process
  • The lab technician then places the collected sample in the lab device
Get Results
  • The lab device will generate the investigation results which will be automatically pulled from the device and will be available on the lab entry screen in the system along with the patient information.
Result Verification
  • The lab technician will do the verifications of the result data and send it for approval
Result Approval
  • Pathologist or the authorized person can approve the results for publishing to the patient.
Publish Result
  • The approved result will be available for printing and to the doctor in the Electronic Medical Records system.
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Solver LIS ensures end-to-end information management, from initial test request through to results publishing and delivery