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Dec 22, 2022
We launched a new portal DadMom Care - For Palliative Patients

Children are precious to every parents. In all stage parents are caring their children with all their needs. After all their commitment they need some relaxation and assistance in their elder days. Even parents are older they are strong mentally, they like to stand on their own till the last second of their life. They may mentally strong but physically may be weak. On this stage DadMom care unit enter to the chapter. 

DadMom Care unit plays major role to care the elder people with the intense care and love. We help to fulfil their basic needs like Community care and medication care. All our community gets connected through our mobile application. We have specific Care Manager and Care taker to understand the elders need.  

In our care application, Children can also visit their parent’s health activity recorded by the care taker. In case of any emergency children can also raise a request behalf of their parents to meet their need.  All activity like medication and the individual activity are recorded in every date and documented digitally. We can have the document at point of emergency. Our Service will be made easier to reach the elder to complete their daily basis work with our dedicated caretaker.